Broadcast your love…at N Seoul Tower!

I’m guess you all are curious what does the ‘N’ stand for… It stands for ‘new’, ‘Namsan’ and ‘nature’ ( wikipedia, 2016).And yes, this building has quite some love in it. N Seoul Tower is the symbol of Seoul, standing 237 metres on top of Namsan Mountain, rising 480 metres above sea level ( great-towers, 2016). Serving as a good observatory tower, you can view the whole city and surroundings from here.

N Seoul Tower : credit:

It was built in 1969 and  later opened to the public in 1980 ( visitseoul, 2016).  . 15 billion Won was spent for remodelling the tower in 2005 (, 2016) .

There are many fascinating tourist attractions at N Seoul Tower. There are many great attractions like the N Grill, Digital Observatory, Hancook ( Korean) Restaurant, and the Sky Restroom ( visitseoul, 2016) .

Love is everywhere at the base of the towers as railing and fences are covered with ‘padlocks of love’. Couples from all over the world of different nationalities come here to seal their love for each other ( visitseoul, 2016) ! N Seoul Tower is only one of the many locations in the world where love birds can lock their ‘padlocks of love’. How Romantic!! Too bad I can’t do it…yet

Many flock to the N Seoul Tower to lock ‘padlocks of love’ : credit:

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Holstentor, the mini castle?

Holstentor : credit:

This is a quite perculiar architecture, with its unique twin cylindrical shaped round towers sticking to the stepped gable which makes the construction very interesting to people indeed. This is gate Holstentor, located in Lübeck, Germany ( luebeck-tourism, 2016).

Holstentor, also known as Holsten Tor or Holsten Gate,  was built between 1464 to 1478, to be used for medieval defenses of the city ( luebeck-tourism, 2016). There were originally four gates in the city, Holstentor is one of the remaining two gates left in the city ( wikitravel, 2016).

Another feature I find intriguing is the round arched gateway. It has the words ‘CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX’ ( unity at home, peace abroad ) displayed above the gateway with golden letters ( luebeck-tourism, 2016).

The letters ‘CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX’: credit:

As the building was built in marshy grounds, this significant building endured subsidence and damage. Much restoration work were done and the buildig was finally restored in the 20th century ( historvius, 2016).


Inside the building is Holstentor Museum, where you can learn all about the history and facts ( luebeck-tourism, 2016).


A Pint of Guinness please!

Whenever you think of Ireland, you’ll probably think of the capital city first, Dublin. Well, a trip to Dublin just isn’t right without stopping by the famous Guinness Storehouse! Discover the history and art of brewing the ‘dark stuff’ in one amazing trip! Care for a pint of Guinness now anybody?

The top International Visitor Attraction Ireland is the ‘Home of Guinness’ since year 1759 with seven floors shaped around a giant pint. If filled, it can contain up to 14.3 million pints of Guinness ( visitdublin, 2016)!

DUB Dublin - Guinness Storehouse and Brewery logo at entrance gate 3008x2000
Guinness Storehouse logo at entrance: credit:

A multisensory experience at the Tasting Room is available for visitors to appreciate the tastes of the iconic stout, from the first velvet sip to the last precious drop ( visitdublin, 2016). For more geared up visitors, the Connoisseur Experience lets you taste through the four most well-known variants of Guinness- Draught, Original, Foreign Extra Stout and Black Lager. A barkeeper will guide you through the history of the four stouts before you get a bewildering test sample of them ( lonelyplanet, 2016).

The Tasting Rooms
Tasting Room at Guinness Storehouse: credit:

Learning is an essential step to success right? Well, the Guinness Academy will teach you how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness ( townlink, 2016). The Brewary Bar on level 5 where people can have dinner with Irish dishes and Guinness ( dublintown, 2016)!

The most gratifying feature would surely be the Gravity Bar also known as the ‘Head of Pint’, which is located above the roof. The 360° degree scenic view of the wonderful Dublin city at this place is always great with a pint of black stuff ( dublintourist, 2016).

Have a brief view of Guinness Storehouse here:

Well, are you drunk yet? Well, for more Guinness, click here.


Twin Heavens ! Petronas

The Petronas Twin Towers are Malaysia’s symbol of modernization and cultural heritage combined together to show all about Malaysia. They are Malaysia’s momentous monument!

Centre : The 88-storeys tall Petronas Twin Towers : credit:

They are built to house the headquarters of Petronas, the national petroleum company of Malaysia and was designed by highly acclaimed American architect Cesar Pelli ( britannica, 2016). The towers were finally completed in 1998 and offically opened in 1999 ( tripadvisor, 2016).

The Petronas Twin Towers are identical towers of eight-lobed circular structures with 88 storeys and a pyramid-shaped pinnacle surmounted by a steel spire on each of them. They rise to a lofty height of 1,483 feet ( 451.9 metres ). It was 242 feet  ( 73.6 metres ) for the pinnacle and spire ( britannica, 2016).

In the period between 1998 & 2004, they held the record for the tallest buildings in the world, before they were overtaken by Taiwan’s Taipei 101. The Petronas Twin Towers are currently still the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world ( wikipedia, 2016).

Probably the most obvious feature is a skybridge linking the two towers on the 41st and 42nd floor ( britannica, 2016).

Suria KLCC  is located on the lowest floor which is a shopping haven for tourists to shop till you drop. Outside of the towers is KLCC park where people can chill around and relax ( wikipedia, 2016).

A very quick look at the architecture here:

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Great Wall of China

Hello, today I’ll be looking at one of the most significant Seven Wonders of the World, which is the Great Wall of China ( world.new7wonders, 2016).


The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest wall ( chinahighlights, 2016). It is a very famous site as people from all over the world come here to experience its power. Many world figures such as Barack Obama and David Cameron have also came to China’s most historical landmark before ( chinahighlights, 2016). It is an outstanding military architecture and one of the most precious arts of China (, 2016)

The wall was built over 2,000 years ago by the first emperor of the Qin dynasty (221 BC – 206 BC), Emperor Qin Shi Huang.The Qin dynasty were victorious in uniting China from the 7 Warring States, as the emperor connected all the walls that were built before. The Great Wall of China stretches across 9 provinces in northern China.Its length is over 20,000 km in length ( history, 2016).

A section of the Great Wall of China: credit:

Emperor Qin Shi Huang constructed the Great Wall so as to defend against the threatening northern nations such as the Huns. The defensive structures of the wall includes many fortresses, beacon towers, watchtowers for observatory and command posts used for logistics.The wall was important for military communications when messages were relayed by smoke signals, lanterns and beacon fires ( history, 2016).

A portrait of Emperor Qin Shi Huang : credit:


Hundred thousands of workers have died in the construction of the wall where they were then buried in the wall itself ( history, 2016). There is a well known legend of Meng Jiangnu whose husband died while building the wall. Her weeping and moaning was so devastating that a section of the wall even crumbled down ( chinahighlights, 2016).

Towards modern times, the most prominent section is the Badaling Section which is the most well preserved and attracts many visitors from around the globe ( travelchinaguide, 2016) .

It is estimated that 1/3 quarters of the Great Wall has been destroyed due to human damage ( szdaily, 2016).

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site ( thetravelworld, 2016)
  • Seven Wonders of the World

Here is a video for more info:

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When Thunder falls at Victoria!

Victoria Falls is regarded as one of the largest, most beautiful waterfall in the world. It is located in the Zambezi River, laying between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe ( victoriafallstorism, 2016).

The falls is 1,708 metres wide in width with the deepest depth of 108 metres ( whc.unesco, 2016). The thunderous noise created from the water plummeting down the edges can be heard from 40km away. The mist from the falling water rises up to 400m where it can be seen as far as 50km away ( airpano, 2016).

The imposing Victoria Falls: credit:

Victoria Falls was thought to be first founded by famous explorer of Africa, David Livingstone who named the falls after Queen Victoria ( interesting-africa-facts, 2016).He was the first European to cross Africa from south to north, when he inadvertently stumbled upon the great falls upon his journey. His mission was to bring Christianity to Africa ( airpano, 2016) .

The local tribes used to call the falls ‘ Mosi-o-Tunya ‘ or more commonly known as ‘ The smoke that thunders’. In modern times, it is called the greatest curtain of falling water in the world ( zambiatourism, 2016). Rainbows are very unique here as it features a gorgeous ‘moonbow’, produced when the light reflects off the surface of the moon ( victoriafalls24, 2016).

Moonbow: credit:

The falls is at its lowest flow during the dry season, between October and December every year. People can now safely walk through most parts of the waterfall while embracing the thrilling experience. Victoria Falls is less forgiving to trespassers at other times as the vigorous an ferocious ‘thunderstorm’ blasts will pummel anyone in its path ( world-of-waterfalls, 2016).

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site ( softschools, 2016)

Relieve the amazing beauty of thunderous Victoria below:

Camp Nou ( Estadi del Fc Barcelona)

And it’s four… Suarez gets his double and Messi with the assist to cap off a wonderful night for Fc Barcelona as they emphaticly defeated title rivals Real Madrid in the first El Classico of the season. ( Sorry Madrid fans )

Fc Barcelona open up a six point gap over Real in the title race. Suarez and Neymar have scored almost every goal for the Catalan club in Messi’s absence. Now that Messi is back , other clubs will feel the full wrath of the mighty Catalan giants when they visit the home of the European Champions, Camp Nou.

Camp Nou is the home of Fc Barcelona, one of the world’s best football clubs. It is also a popular attraction for visitors. Construction of the stadium began in 1955 to 1957 before it was officially opened on 24th September 1957. It is the biggest stadium in Europe, with a capacity of around 99,000 ( fcbarcelona, 2016).

The stadium has taken part in a few several matches in international and club football. In 1982, Spain hosted the FIFA World Cup and Camp Nou was the venue of several matches. It played host to the European Cup final between Ac Milan and Fc Steaua ( 4-0 ) in 1989. In 1999, Manchester United scored two astonishing injury time goals to defeat Fc Bayern Munchen in the UEFA Champions League final, which was at the Camp Nou as well ( wikipedia, 2016).

At first, the name of the stadium was ‘Estadi del Fc Barcelona’ before club members voted for the stadium to be officially known as ‘Camp Nou’ ( fcbarcelona, 2016).

camp nou fifa
Camp Nou : credit:

Camp Nou ( the ‘new ground’ ) had its capacity expanded to 120,000 for the purposes of 1982 FIFA World Cup held in Spain. The capacity was later reduced to 99,000 in the late 90’s ( fcbarcelona, 2016).

There are many incredible features in the stadium as well. The FCB Musuem exhibits all of Fc Barcelona’s 23 La Liga titles and 5 Champions League titles. Relieve all the jubilant moments of last year’s treble winning side in a special area. For all you Messi fans out there, there is the Messi space ( all of his personal accolades…) ( fcbarcelona, 2016).

At the moment, Fc Barcelona look impeccable with a fearsome front three and classy, brilliant midfield maestros. Camp Nou will surely not be without cheers and roars from passionate football fans.

The fearsome three- from left to right: Suarez, Neymar, Messi: credit:

More info on its official site here.




On board the Vasa!

Hello, everybody. Today we’re going onto the legendary ship that is the Vasa in the Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. It is the only preserved 17th century ship in the world to this day and it symbolises a very brilliant piece of art. It is an almost impeccable masterpiece as 95% of the ship is orginal since it was rescued from the depths of the sea ( visitstockholm, 2016).

The historical ship sank in its maiden voyage in 1628, just moments after setting sail. After 333 years of salvage operations, the ship was finally lifted up to the surface in 1961 ( visitstockholm, 2016)

the vasa
The Vasa ship: credits:

In 1990, the Vasa was exhibited in a new musuem, which is the current Vasa Museum. Exhibitions and tours around the ship have begun since then, attracting more than 25 million visitors since business began in the new museum ( wikipedia, 2016). It is the most visited museum in the whole Scandinavia, with more than a million visitors a year. Admissions are FREE for children under 18 ( visitstockholm, 2016).

More info in this short video:

Victoria Peak (扯旗山)

Hi everybody! Today we visit Hong Kong’s most famous landmark which is the Victoria Peak. It is the highest point in Hong Kong where tourists will have a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong’s marvelous cityscape ( aviewoncities, 2016). If you have nothing to do, Victoria Peak is your place to be!

Looking down from the city’s most famous vantage point, have a good admiration of Hong Kong’s bustling city life with lofty building and the Victoria Harbour ( travelchinaguide, 2016). It is a great view indeed!

The Peak Tram

The most convenient and quickest route to reach Victoria Peak is via the Peak Tram. It has been in operation for over 100 years without any accidents occuring. Enjoy yourselves as you relax for a 8 minute journey to the top of the summit while embracing the breathtaking view outside ( travelchinaguide, 2016).

The beautiful view from Victoria Peak & the Peak Tram: credits:

More information on Victoria Peak can be found here.

Scary, Spooky ! Boababs!

In Madagascar, there lies a lot of horrifying looking trees that come from the ‘underworld’.Their roots ‘grow into the sky’ which makes them very unique ( madamagazine, 2016) . These mysterious yet marvelous trees are called the baobabs. This scenic destination is called ‘The Avenue of the Baobabs’.

baobab 1
The Avenue of the Babobabs: credits:


The Avenue of the Baobabs, also known as The Alley of the Baobabs lies in a long dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsirbihina of western Madagascar. It is the most accessible place to see baobab trees in the world. It is one of Madagascar’s most famous sights where it attracts avid travellers from all around the world with its tantalizing landscapes and scenic views (, 2016).

The baobabs are numerous nicknames such as boab, boaboa or bottle tree ( naturalwondersofafrica,2016). Its most well-known nickname is the upside-down tree for its giant thick trunks and crooked branches which are similar to roots ( thecrowdedplanet, 2016). The boababs can also be called the ‘roots of the sky’ as this is particularly distinctive when the trees are without leaves ( lomography, 2016). There is a tale which described that the trees kept running away, so God transformed them with their roots facing the sky so they could no longer flee away ( thecorwdedplanet, 2016). How wicked is that!

Baobabs are outstanding as they can live up to 800 years old with heights of 98 feet ( 30m ) and diameters of 36 feet ( 11m ) (, 2016). What an amazing tree ! Their massive trunks also have a large water storage system for holding up to 300 litres of water so as to brave the dry season ( lomography, 2016). This just adds to their incredible features!

Famous tree- Baobab Amoureux

baobab amoureux
Baobab Amoureux: credits:

This bizarre tree shows two baobab tress who are embracing each other by ‘hugging’ each other passionately. It is a popular place for lovers and young women who pray for a child. However, the Baobab Amoureux received fierce threats when the baobab trees are actually male identities. Local authorities protested for the special tree to be chopped down for it was ‘unclean’. Nothing has been done towards the mystical tree so far ( thecrowdedplanet, 2016).

Well, I certainly will want to visit this beautiful place someday! The baobs are totally awesome!

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