Deepavali ! – Taj Mahal

Happy Deepavali , my fellow Indians! Today, I bring you all to the majestic and wonderful Taj Mahal in celebration of this festive period.Taj Mahal depicts the rich love of emperor Shah Jahan for his wife

Above:The ancient Taj Mahal: credits:

Taj Mahal is an enormous white marble mausoleum which was built by Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in the 17th century. It was dedicated for his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died of child birth. The beautiful architecture is a Mughal architecture which consists of a rich vein of Indian, Persian and Islamic features. Contruction of the building started in 1632 for up to 22 years before it was finally completed. The building required over 20,000 workers and costs approximately 32 million Rupees for its construction. ( history, 2016)

      Taj Mahal is part of a vast complex which consists of the gateway, garden, mosque. guesthouse. Taj Mahal is located on the furthest end, with River Yamuna just behind it. Its exterior design is decorated with many kinds of precious and mesmerizing stones. What makes Taj Mahal so alluring is its appearance which changes colour throughout the day ( history, 2016).You can admire the beauty of Taj Mahal with different perspectives as you tour the historical building. It is definitely one of the most enchanting sites in the world.

taj mahal 2
Taj Mahal at sunset: credits
Taj Mahal at night: credits:

      There are many myths which surround Taj Mahal. One of the myths is the Black Taj Mahal myth. Legend says that Shah Jahan wanted to erect another exact mausoleum on the opposite side of River Yamuna which will act as a bridge between both the buildings and serve as his burial place. He wanted to name the new building Black Taj as its construction is made out of black marbles. ( liveindia, 2016). Another well-known myth states that Shah Jahan ordered his underlings to chop off the hands of the architects who built Taj Mahal so that no one will ever be able to construct something as magnificent and beautiful as the Taj Mahal ever again. ( history, 2016)

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site ( whc-unesco, 2016)
  • Seven Wonders of the World ( tajmahal, 2016)

Well, that is all for today. I hope you all loved today’s post.

More visitors info and story info here:


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