Scary, Spooky ! Boababs!

In Madagascar, there lies a lot of horrifying looking trees that come from the ‘underworld’.Their roots ‘grow into the sky’ which makes them very unique ( madamagazine, 2016) . These mysterious yet marvelous trees are called the baobabs. This scenic destination is called ‘The Avenue of the Baobabs’.

baobab 1
The Avenue of the Babobabs: credits:


The Avenue of the Baobabs, also known as The Alley of the Baobabs lies in a long dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsirbihina of western Madagascar. It is the most accessible place to see baobab trees in the world. It is one of Madagascar’s most famous sights where it attracts avid travellers from all around the world with its tantalizing landscapes and scenic views (, 2016).

The baobabs are numerous nicknames such as boab, boaboa or bottle tree ( naturalwondersofafrica,2016). Its most well-known nickname is the upside-down tree for its giant thick trunks and crooked branches which are similar to roots ( thecrowdedplanet, 2016). The boababs can also be called the ‘roots of the sky’ as this is particularly distinctive when the trees are without leaves ( lomography, 2016). There is a tale which described that the trees kept running away, so God transformed them with their roots facing the sky so they could no longer flee away ( thecorwdedplanet, 2016). How wicked is that!

Baobabs are outstanding as they can live up to 800 years old with heights of 98 feet ( 30m ) and diameters of 36 feet ( 11m ) (, 2016). What an amazing tree ! Their massive trunks also have a large water storage system for holding up to 300 litres of water so as to brave the dry season ( lomography, 2016). This just adds to their incredible features!

Famous tree- Baobab Amoureux

baobab amoureux
Baobab Amoureux: credits:

This bizarre tree shows two baobab tress who are embracing each other by ‘hugging’ each other passionately. It is a popular place for lovers and young women who pray for a child. However, the Baobab Amoureux received fierce threats when the baobab trees are actually male identities. Local authorities protested for the special tree to be chopped down for it was ‘unclean’. Nothing has been done towards the mystical tree so far ( thecrowdedplanet, 2016).

Well, I certainly will want to visit this beautiful place someday! The baobs are totally awesome!

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