Victoria Peak (扯旗山)

Hi everybody! Today we visit Hong Kong’s most famous landmark which is the Victoria Peak. It is the highest point in Hong Kong where tourists will have a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong’s marvelous cityscape ( aviewoncities, 2016). If you have nothing to do, Victoria Peak is your place to be!

Looking down from the city’s most famous vantage point, have a good admiration of Hong Kong’s bustling city life with lofty building and the Victoria Harbour ( travelchinaguide, 2016). It is a great view indeed!

The Peak Tram

The most convenient and quickest route to reach Victoria Peak is via the Peak Tram. It has been in operation for over 100 years without any accidents occuring. Enjoy yourselves as you relax for a 8 minute journey to the top of the summit while embracing the breathtaking view outside ( travelchinaguide, 2016).

The beautiful view from Victoria Peak & the Peak Tram: credits:

More information on Victoria Peak can be found here.


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