When Thunder falls at Victoria!

Victoria Falls is regarded as one of the largest, most beautiful waterfall in the world. It is located in the Zambezi River, laying between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe ( victoriafallstorism, 2016).

The falls is 1,708 metres wide in width with the deepest depth of 108 metres ( whc.unesco, 2016). The thunderous noise created from the water plummeting down the edges can be heard from 40km away. The mist from the falling water rises up to 400m where it can be seen as far as 50km away ( airpano, 2016).

The imposing Victoria Falls: credit:

Victoria Falls was thought to be first founded by famous explorer of Africa, David Livingstone who named the falls after Queen Victoria ( interesting-africa-facts, 2016).He was the first European to cross Africa from south to north, when he inadvertently stumbled upon the great falls upon his journey. His mission was to bring Christianity to Africa ( airpano, 2016) .

The local tribes used to call the falls ‘ Mosi-o-Tunya ‘ or more commonly known as ‘ The smoke that thunders’. In modern times, it is called the greatest curtain of falling water in the world ( zambiatourism, 2016). Rainbows are very unique here as it features a gorgeous ‘moonbow’, produced when the light reflects off the surface of the moon ( victoriafalls24, 2016).

Moonbow: credit:

The falls is at its lowest flow during the dry season, between October and December every year. People can now safely walk through most parts of the waterfall while embracing the thrilling experience. Victoria Falls is less forgiving to trespassers at other times as the vigorous an ferocious ‘thunderstorm’ blasts will pummel anyone in its path ( world-of-waterfalls, 2016).

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site ( softschools, 2016)

Relieve the amazing beauty of thunderous Victoria below:


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