Twin Heavens ! Petronas

The Petronas Twin Towers are Malaysia’s symbol of modernization and cultural heritage combined together to show all about Malaysia. They are Malaysia’s momentous monument!

Centre : The 88-storeys tall Petronas Twin Towers : credit:

They are built to house the headquarters of Petronas, the national petroleum company of Malaysia and was designed by highly acclaimed American architect Cesar Pelli ( britannica, 2016). The towers were finally completed in 1998 and offically opened in 1999 ( tripadvisor, 2016).

The Petronas Twin Towers are identical towers of eight-lobed circular structures with 88 storeys and a pyramid-shaped pinnacle surmounted by a steel spire on each of them. They rise to a lofty height of 1,483 feet ( 451.9 metres ). It was 242 feet  ( 73.6 metres ) for the pinnacle and spire ( britannica, 2016).

In the period between 1998 & 2004, they held the record for the tallest buildings in the world, before they were overtaken by Taiwan’s Taipei 101. The Petronas Twin Towers are currently still the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world ( wikipedia, 2016).

Probably the most obvious feature is a skybridge linking the two towers on the 41st and 42nd floor ( britannica, 2016).

Suria KLCC  is located on the lowest floor which is a shopping haven for tourists to shop till you drop. Outside of the towers is KLCC park where people can chill around and relax ( wikipedia, 2016).

A very quick look at the architecture here:

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