A Pint of Guinness please!

Whenever you think of Ireland, you’ll probably think of the capital city first, Dublin. Well, a trip to Dublin just isn’t right without stopping by the famous Guinness Storehouse! Discover the history and art of brewing the ‘dark stuff’ in one amazing trip! Care for a pint of Guinness now anybody?

The top International Visitor Attraction Ireland is the ‘Home of Guinness’ since year 1759 with seven floors shaped around a giant pint. If filled, it can contain up to 14.3 million pints of Guinness ( visitdublin, 2016)!

DUB Dublin - Guinness Storehouse and Brewery logo at entrance gate 3008x2000
Guinness Storehouse logo at entrance: credit:

A multisensory experience at the Tasting Room is available for visitors to appreciate the tastes of the iconic stout, from the first velvet sip to the last precious drop ( visitdublin, 2016). For more geared up visitors, the Connoisseur Experience lets you taste through the four most well-known variants of Guinness- Draught, Original, Foreign Extra Stout and Black Lager. A barkeeper will guide you through the history of the four stouts before you get a bewildering test sample of them ( lonelyplanet, 2016).

The Tasting Rooms
Tasting Room at Guinness Storehouse: credit:

Learning is an essential step to success right? Well, the Guinness Academy will teach you how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness ( townlink, 2016). The Brewary Bar on level 5 where people can have dinner with Irish dishes and Guinness ( dublintown, 2016)!

The most gratifying feature would surely be the Gravity Bar also known as the ‘Head of Pint’, which is located above the roof. The 360° degree scenic view of the wonderful Dublin city at this place is always great with a pint of black stuff ( dublintourist, 2016).

Have a brief view of Guinness Storehouse here:

Well, are you drunk yet? Well, for more Guinness, click here.



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