Broadcast your love…at N Seoul Tower!

I’m guess you all are curious what does the ‘N’ stand for… It stands for ‘new’, ‘Namsan’ and ‘nature’ ( wikipedia, 2016).And yes, this building has quite some love in it. N Seoul Tower is the symbol of Seoul, standing 237 metres on top of Namsan Mountain, rising 480 metres above sea level ( great-towers, 2016). Serving as a good observatory tower, you can view the whole city and surroundings from here.

N Seoul Tower : credit:

It was built in 1969 and  later opened to the public in 1980 ( visitseoul, 2016).  . 15 billion Won was spent for remodelling the tower in 2005 (, 2016) .

There are many fascinating tourist attractions at N Seoul Tower. There are many great attractions like the N Grill, Digital Observatory, Hancook ( Korean) Restaurant, and the Sky Restroom ( visitseoul, 2016) .

Love is everywhere at the base of the towers as railing and fences are covered with ‘padlocks of love’. Couples from all over the world of different nationalities come here to seal their love for each other ( visitseoul, 2016) ! N Seoul Tower is only one of the many locations in the world where love birds can lock their ‘padlocks of love’. How Romantic!! Too bad I can’t do it…yet

Many flock to the N Seoul Tower to lock ‘padlocks of love’ : credit:

Bye now, I wish you all a lovely time~








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