Holstentor, the mini castle?

Holstentor : credit:

This is a quite perculiar architecture, with its unique twin cylindrical shaped round towers sticking to the stepped gable which makes the construction very interesting to people indeed. This is gate Holstentor, located in Lübeck, Germany ( luebeck-tourism, 2016).

Holstentor, also known as Holsten Tor or Holsten Gate,  was built between 1464 to 1478, to be used for medieval defenses of the city ( luebeck-tourism, 2016). There were originally four gates in the city, Holstentor is one of the remaining two gates left in the city ( wikitravel, 2016).

Another feature I find intriguing is the round arched gateway. It has the words ‘CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX’ ( unity at home, peace abroad ) displayed above the gateway with golden letters ( luebeck-tourism, 2016).

The letters ‘CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX’: credit:

As the building was built in marshy grounds, this significant building endured subsidence and damage. Much restoration work were done and the buildig was finally restored in the 20th century ( historvius, 2016).


Inside the building is Holstentor Museum, where you can learn all about the history and facts ( luebeck-tourism, 2016).



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