Alishan National Scenic Area is Taiwan’s most visited national park ( travelkaohsiung, 2016).

Alishan is not a single a mountain, but actually a range of mountains, averaging 2,500 metres in height with Datashan ( 2,663 metres) the highest peak ( wikitravels, 2016).

The whole area was inflicted by a massive blow when Typhoon Morakot wiped out roads, villages, railway tracks in 2009. Tourism took a massive setback then but things have returned steadily ( roughguides, 2016).

Alishan National Scenic Area is filled with wonderful tea plantations, idyllic homestays and friendly Tsou aboriginal villages ( roughguides, 2016). The place has various gorgeous views that just a privilege to witness!

The main flora are the giant Taiwanese red cypresses and endemic Taiwan Pleione are quite famous native trees found in the area ( travelking, 2016)

The breathtaking view at Alishan National Scenic Area: credit:



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