Into the Deep Blue Oceanarium!

Take a joy ride underwater in Lisbon! Portugal’s Oceanário de Lisboa is one of Europe’s most wonderful and largest oceanarium. From penguins,sea urchins, sharks, rays , there are just so many aquatic lifeforms here, with over 450 species ( destination360, 2016). The most mind-blowing, bizarre, weird species of the sea are here for all to see! You can even find Nemo and Dora here!

Lisbon Oceanarium: credit:

. Four different tanks around the central tank recreates four different unique habitats: Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, Antartica and Indian ocean (travel.usnews, 2016).   These tanks are separated from the central tank only by large sheets of acrylic to provide the illusion of a single large tank ( wikipedia, 2016).

The Lisbon Ocenarium houses many different marine life: credit:
Sunfish at Lisbon Oceanarium: credit:


One of the special fish which is inhibited in the oceanarium is the sunfish, which needs lots of care ( wikipedia, 2016).




Here are some wonderfish fishes at the oceanarium:

Finding Nemo. Where are you? : credit:
sea otter
Alaskan sea otters: credit:
Jellyfish: credit:

For more fintastic fishes, check out the short video below:

Sea you on land in the next episode!




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