Lady Liberty!

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This is one of the most momentous symbols in the history of mankind. This has appeared in various blockbuster movies which I’m sure you are have seen her appear many many times too. She is the Lady of Liberty.


Also known as “The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World”, she is one of the world’s most pivotal monuments (, 2016). She was a gift of friendship from France to the USA to commemorate the centenary of American Independence (, 2016). It shows the deep historical relationship that France and the United States share between them. She holds the tablet which inscribes the data of  United States Declaration of Independence firmly in her left hand, and a flamboyant torch in her right hand ( wikipedia, 2016).

The Lady of Liberty consisted of very high construction and engineering techniques. She was designed by sculptor Frederic Bartholdi and engineer Gustave Eiffel. Its design and construction was one of the best in the 19th century and was recognised as the bridge between arts and engineering (, 2016).

The Statue of Liberty has stood on the entrance of New York Harbor since 1886 and has since welcomed millions of immigrants to the United States (, 2016).

The Statue of Liberty has been recognised as the National Monument since 1924 with a lot of visitors coming every year ( wikipedia, 2016). You can have a look at Lady Liberty by ferry system ( statueoflibertytickets, 2016).

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty seen from the Circle Line ferry, Manhattan, New York: credit: